Squarespace Maintenance

Specialised maintenance to keep your website beautiful.

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Lighten the load - leave your Squarespace website in the hands of a specialist who you can rely on to keep your website up to date and always looking beautiful & professional.


Three Months Maintenance


6 hours over three months

The three month package is ideal for websites which need short term updates & changes.

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Six Months Maintenance


12 hours over six months

The six month package is a great balance of time and value - this is ideal for businesses that are building slowly & steadily.

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Twelve Months Maintenance


24 hours over twelve months

The twelve month package is perfect to keep your website up to date year round. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you can call on a Squarespace expert to keep your website looking great, all at the lowest possible rate.

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Customised Maintenance


To suit your business needs

If you'd prefer a more tailor-made maintenance package which works better for your business needs, get in touch today for a customised quote to suit.

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*maintenance packages are currently only available to clients in Ireland - Terms & Conditions apply.


Just some of the things I can help you with:

Create New Pages
Modify Existing Pages
Add & style blogs
Add/Edit Products

Add Events
Blog Thumbnail Graphics
Custom CSS
Revamp your existing website

Add/Embed Custom Code
Bug/Error Fixing
Create Landing Pages
Custom Tutorials

Basic SEO setup
Image Sourcing
Link Testing


Is there a limit to the amount of hours I can use at any one time?

All packages have a limit of 4 hours consistent usage at any one time. We will of course make exceptions to this in certain circumstances.

What's the turnaround time?

We'll endeavour to make your required updates within a 48 hour turnaround time (excluding weekends) but we would appreciate up to 3 days notification where possible.

No, we can work outside of the realms of Squarespace (within reason), however there are certain things we can't help you with. (Get in touch if you have specific requirements and we'll advise how we can help).

What are the savings based on?

The savings are based on our current hourly rate of €25 per hour.

Can you make edits in developer mode?

At this time, we do not make back end changes or modifications to back end files created in developer mode, but we can still edit templates in developer mode on the front end.

How do I know I'm getting the full amount of hours I paid for?

We use time tracking software when working on your project - this allows us to show you exactly how long we've spent on your website updates.

Can I carry hours over?

Not at this time. All hours purchased must be used within the timeframe of your maintenance package.

What if you can't do the work we ask?

In the rare event that we're unable to do your requested work, a refund will be issued up to the amount of time that was required for you to get the work done elsewhere. See our terms & conditions for more.

Do you issue refunds?

Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for services already paid for or for unused hours.

What if I'm not happy with the quality of work provided?

In the rare event that the work completed is not what you expected, we will do our best to rectify this for you (within reason) free of charge.

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